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    Smoking hot 26-year-old Aysha is a party girl who knows how to embrace life. This brunette babe charges the US $ 500/hour. She enjoys anything that goes fast, and she’s very proud of how pretty her eyes are. Flirting is something she really enjoys no matter who she’s out with, and she likes to think that a single glance from her is enough to get any man’s motor running. In her spare time, she likes to go to live music venues. She’s also something of an amateur pole dancer and loves to strut her stuff, especially for an audience. Above all, though, Aysha is very opinionated when it comes to her job as a professional entertainer. “The reason that you come to us is that you know that you’re getting top-quality professional entertainers,” she says. “No matter what your idea is for what we’ll do or how we’ll spend our time, whether you want to go out and paint the town red or you’d rather just spend some quiet time getting to know each other, you’re going to enjoy yourself. It’s my job to make sure that your experience is a positive and pleasant one. As long as you’ve got me to keep you company, the night is ours to make or break. Every time I meet a client, I look at our time together as having endless possibilities. It’s my job to make sure we take full advantage of all those possibilities.”